The Future of Cities

Songdo is a smart city in South-Korea it is the biggest private city development in history. It was designed by the New York office of Kohn Pedersen Fox. Gale International, holds 61%, Posco 30%, and the remaining 9% is owned by Morgan Stanley Real Estate.

Songdo is awesome but look for yourself in the following video and see other ideas how cities of the future could look like:

Robin Hanson – The Next Great Era: Envisioning A Robot Society

Have you ever asked yourself how a Robot Society would look like? A Society in which artificial people would exist and people would be emulated on computers.

Robin Hanson a Professor of Economics at George Mason University and a researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University envisions such a future in his TEDx Talk. He is a supporter of futarchy — a society where policy decisions are made based on open prediction markets.

He has also written a book about this topic:
The Age of Em: Work, Love, and Life when Robots Rule the Earth

Which got great reviews:
This hellish cyberworld is quite cool to think about in a dystopian Matrixy way. … brilliantly weird extrapolations
Steven Poole
The Guardian

What is remarkable … is not just the detail … but the way he situates it within a perceptive analysis of our human past and present.
Daniel Levitin
Wall Street Journal

Crammed full of such fascinating visions of an imagined future
Sarah O’Connor
Financial Times

Ray Kurzweil: Get ready for hybrid thinking

Hyprid thinking is the idea to augment ones brain using an artificial extension to ones Cortex. The technology is still in its early development stage but would change the way we thing and our mental capacity drastically. In this video futurist and Director of Engineering at Google Ray Kurzweil speaks about this technology that could change humanity.