Designer Babies will come

Paul Knoepfler warns about the dangers of designer babies. He thinks that “we” need a moratorium on designer babies. I think he is wrong and that the technology holds many promises helping people with terrible diseases and allowing others who know that they have those diseases in their family to have children without fear of passing them on.
People always feared new technologies from photography to telephones and the internet. So people asking to stop technological progress is nothing new, we just should not listen to them, some of his concerns could become problematic though and these need to be addressed.

Big Think – Libertarianism with Penn Jillette

Libertarianism is one of the few political philosophies that respects that people should have the maximum agency over their own lives. That it is wrong to force people to whatever seems right as long as they do not harm anyone. There are people who think that we will have more freedom in the future and that we could see more libertarian governments in the future so it is worth to have a look at libertarianism.

The Future of Cities

Songdo is a smart city in South-Korea it is the biggest private city development in history. It was designed by the New York office of Kohn Pedersen Fox. Gale International, holds 61%, Posco 30%, and the remaining 9% is owned by Morgan Stanley Real Estate.

Songdo is awesome but look for yourself in the following video and see other ideas how cities of the future could look like: